So how's everyone doing!! I've a long list of photos and I really wanna clear the memory space in ma phone! So yup yup!! 

1) random partying / party photos / Showtek / TGIW

So recently have been... Partying more than usual and last Saturday was one of the best mix that I've ever heard!! Showtek was really good. Hehe but what's the best part about partying is, you're with the best people to be around with? :) it's really been long since I've met these girls and really been long since we've all met up and chit chat and talk about life! Glad that we managed to do that! 

2) strangers reunion

Outfit: decked in  - www.shoplastbusride.com
(Bottom, Shoes)
Bag - Bangkok
Accessories - Balenciaga 
Headband - Forever 21 

This was last Sunday! My random impromptu dinner with Seemin and we went over to strangers reunion to try out the truffle fries and their waffles!! Hehehe recently my appetite has been quite good and have been eating all kind of good food!! I'll rate strangers reunion a 9/10? As they do have a variety of food and desserts that you can choose from!! 

Besides, really good environment to catch up with your old friends!!! Had a long talking session with Seemin and things never gets old! 

3) Wimbly Lu 

So met up with this girl that I haven't seen since forever and we travelled all the way down from west to north-south part of SG and we had waffles and dinner at Wimbly Lu! I'll rate it at 7/10 to be honest :'( cause their dinner section is really too little... Too little of choices! It's more like a cafe than a restaurant!! Rating it a 7 cause I really love how the waffles are made! It's really crispy on the outside yet it's soft in the inside and it's really rare to find such waffles (coming from a girl who don't get sick of waffles)!!! But I really had a great time by just sitting around and chilling ☺️☺️☺️

These days are gold and I'm really thankful for all those people that are making me really happy in my life and thank you ☺️ Feeling all motivated once again like my dark clouds have been removed and I'm really to take on a new journey!!! Though it might be temporal, but I'm really looking forward to what's ahead of me! 

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